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Hot and Spicy Food Day 2015: What kind of hot sauce are you?

Hot and spicy foods are not created equally. 

Some of our favorite foods, Mexican food, Middle Eastern, wings and more, wouldn’t be what they are without a little (or a lot) of heat. Celebrate all the foods that make your eyes water and nose run from the heat Wednesday, Aug. 19, for Hot and Spicy Food Day


Chilean Independence Day isn’t until next month, but a scoop of salsa gives these empanadas a hot kick.

Whip together mole poblano, a traditional Mexican sauce, to spread on chicken or other meats.

Try making Chipotle right at home with tofu sofritas — but be warned, these are hot.

If you add half of a chopped jalapeno, homemade guacamole can be a game changer in the kitchen. 


Yes, you can get wings at a Tex Mex restaurant. Community blogger Michael Tomko tried wings at Hacienda that he said had a hint of habanero. See more of his posts on his blog, Taste These Broken Wings

Wing fans had a day of their own July 29 for National Chicken Wing Day. Flavor 574 looked back at some of Tomko’s hot wing-eating adventures to celebrate.

Chili and crockpot season is upon us and though this chili is vegan, two jalapenos and one green pepper give it some heat that is not for the faint of heart. 

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