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National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day 2015: Soft serve was invented as a happy accident

A flat tire led to the creation of one of America’s favorite frozen treats.

According to Carvel Ice Cream, owner Tom Carvel was selling ice cream out of the back of his truck when his tire went flat near Hartsdale, N.Y., during Memorial Day Weekend in 1934.

Instead of calling it a day, Carvel continued to sell what ice cream he had available as it began to melt and soften. 

Carvel noticed peopled “enjoyed the creamier, lighter taste” of the new product and instead of packing up after his tire was patched, the ice cream pioneer opened his first store at the site of his fortunate mishap.

Tuesday, Aug. 18, is the perfect excuse to celebrate the happy accident since it’s National Soft Serve Ice Cream Day, Forbes reports.

We asked Flavor 574 and Elkhart Truth readers their favorite parlors and stands to get soft serve and you can still let us know:


Speaking of frozen treats…Soft Serve Ice Cream Day is Aug. 18. We may or may not want to go to as many as we can before summer’s end, so tell us…

Posted by Flavor 574 on Thursday, August 13, 2015


Yes, we know there’s a food holiday for everything. Yes, we know you all love soft serve ice cream all year, rather…

Posted by The Elkhart Truth on Friday, August 14, 2015

A few folks mentioned places that aren’t as well known for soft serve, but are beloved in the community. Let us know below what frozen treat is worthy of a brain freeze to you.



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