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Let them eat wings down at The Landmark in New Paris

Everybody comes from somewhere. My wife comes from a town called…wait, it’s not a town. My wife comes from a census designated place (CDP) called New Paris, Indiana.

You’d think a place called New Paris would be pretty fancy, being named after a big European capital city and all, but it was actually named after New Paris, Ohio, which was named after Paris, Kentucky. Paris, Kentucky was originally called Hopewell, but was renamed Paris to honor the French for helping us with the Revolutionary War. So the town, I mean CDP, in Indiana could be called New New New Paris.

We all know the Eiffel Tower is the main landmark in Paris, but in New New New Paris, the main landmark is The Landmark — as it is the only bar in the…CDP.

Luckily, the Landmark has a 35 cent wing special on Mondays, so I took a ride down to southern Elkhart County to check out how the New New New Parisians eat on the special wing day.

It’s a typical neighborhood bar. There is plenty of space for tables and a stage and it contains a U-shaped modern bar in the back with an island that holds all the drinks.

This place probably does not get many outsiders walking in on a weekday, but the crowd was really nice to me and they were a little in awe that I trekked all the way from north of Goshen to sample the wings on a humid Monday night.

The wings were 35 cents each on special, both traditional and boneless. I ordered twelve hot and even had them throw in some freedom fries with this meal. The bartender then brought out a dozen fresh, small, heavily breaded wings soaked in Franks Hot Sauce. It was a little different than most wings I would get, but I enjoyed eating them.

The sauce soaked up in the breading real nice and gave an extra strong buffalo flavor. I would recommend getting the wings with the sauce on the side and then dipping them. The last couple wings had soaked in the sauce so long the breading had gotten soggy.

The size of the wings was on the small side, and it seemed like there was more breading than chicken on the bone. I can’t complain about the size, though. For 35 cents each, it was a pretty good deal, and luckily I had those freedom fries to fill me up. I’d probably order up as many wings and a half the next time I go.

Pretty cool place, The Landmark. The people were really nice, the food was good and if I lived nearby I would probably visit more than often. It reminded me of The Bulldog back when I lived in the city of Elkhart.

The people who live in New New New Paris are really lucky to have a place like the Landmark. I had a lot of fun hanging out at the neighborhood bar and sucking down a couple of beers while eating up some tasty, albeit small, chicken wings.

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