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Indiana On Tap launches first statewide craft beer membership and rewards program

Supporting your local brewery is a great thing in itself, but it can be difficult even for me to keep up with all of the new breweries opening around the state, and quite often I’m content to just visit the same local breweries that I love.

The recently launched Indiana On Tap Indiana Tasting Society aims to change that.

Any beer enthusiast is invited to join the new membership and incentive program that, according to Indiana on Tap founder Justin Knepp, “encourages you to check out that new brewery across town, across the county, or across the state.”

Annual membership at $49.99 will provide you with over $500 in gift certificates at more than 55 Indiana breweries. Each brewery has created its own unique member benefit, such as free or significantly discounted craft beer flights, growler fills and/or merchandise.

There are also reward incentives for visiting multiple breweries. Post a photo of your membership card at each brewery you visit, highlighting something from the brewery such as a coaster or prominent feature in the brewery. After you document 20 brewery visits, you will receive a mystery gift from Indiana on Tap.

Eric Faust from Bare Hands Brewery told me, “Yes we are a part of it. Our thoughts are anything that brings more customers into our brew pub is a plus. We are very much a destination brewery for those even in our own town due to our location, so providing another reason for people to come is a no brainer.”

Bare Hands is quite well known for its IPAs, so they are offering half off flights to members as well as $5 off a growler fill. 

Justin has traveled throughout the state showcasing this new program to Indiana brewers and inviting them to be a part of this program. Many have joined, including the following northern Indiana brewers:

Justin told me, “We are excited about this program, because there is nothing else like this out there.”  He hopes that not only will this new program encourage current beer enthusiasts to travel around the state, but that it will also create new beer fans as well.

“From what I understand, one of the goals is to try and get the Indy crowd out of Indy to experience some of the other great craft beer in the area which can only benefit everyone,” said Andrew Elegante, South Bend Beer Werks.

So far Brew Werks hasn’t had any members redeem their certificates, but Elegante said he is confident that they will soon start seeing more beer tourism with the number of participating breweries in our area.

Even for those of us in Elkhart and St. Joseph counties, this program could be just the thing we need to get down south, or even further to the west of the state.

Earlier this summer I had the chance to check out New Oberpfalz Brewing in Griffith, which is participating. Owner/brewer Dan Lehnerer told me, “I think it’s a fun campaign, and I hope to see some new faces because of it.”

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