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Ale Underground: Tennessee Police might destroy $35,000 in perfectly good beer

Police in Clarksville, Tenn., have $35,000 worth of beer detained in a hot evidence room.

As it turns out, the beer was seized from a place that had its license to sell alcohol suspended after repeated violations such as selling to minors. Not cool beer store, not cool.

According to local newspaper The Daily Caller News Foundadion:

Clarksville Police Lt. Steve Warren told The Daily Caller News Foundation that while they probably won’t know the fate of the beer until the case goes to court, it doesn’t look good.

“It’s been put on pallets and [was] shrink wrapped and been sitting in an unrefrigerated evidence room in August, so I doubt that it will be worth consuming if it stays in there very long,” Warren told The DCNF.

The Golf Club Food Mart had been cited four times for selling alcohol to minors since May 2014. Because of this, the store had its permit to sell beer suspended for six months.

So after the beer goes to court, we’ll know what the fate of the beer will be. Right now it looks like it might be ’destroyed.’

Um … yeah … something tells me that by destroyed they mean they will be taking it home and drinking it all.  Not that anything is wrong with that.

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