July Wine of the Month: 2013 Tenshən Red Wine


By: Carl Tiedemann

Carl Tiedemann/Tiedemann on Wines

Every month Stan Minden, senior wine buyer at Belmont Beverage, and I pick a wine to taste and review for you. This is really the fun part (drinking wine) of having your own wine blog.

Stan works out of the Chalet Party Shoppe on C.R. 17 here in Elkhart, which has a large selection of old and new world wines for us to choose from. We try to keep the price point under $30 a bottle.

Last month’s Tiedemann on Wines wine of the month was a pinot noir out of Oregon.

This month we selected another new world wine, the 2013 Tenshən Red Wine. This is a French style southern Rhône red blend produced in Santa Barbara County in California.

The wine is a collaboration between Joey Tensley of Tensley Wines and Vintner Alex Guarachi of the Chilean company TGIC Global Fine Wine Co.

Their press release at the time of the wine’s release stated, “Guarachi and Tensley share a kindred spirit in their passion for wine and love for family, friends and soccer. They have each independently carved a unique path in the lexicon of winemaking. Now, the two notable industry figures join together to pursue that which is most elusive of all wine characteristics: Tension.”

Tension, as described by Tensley, is “tenacious energy that a wine possesses, that is inspired by the process of picking at the just-ripe-enough precipice and then getting out of the way.”

The 2013 Tenshən is an unusual blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Grenache and Merlot. There were 3,500 cases produced. The wine has scored well, averaging between 90 and 92 points on a scale of 100. Here is the breakdown of the ratings:

  • Wine Enthusiast 92/100
  • Wine Spectator 92/100
  • Cellar Tracker 90/100
  • Robert Parker 90-92/100

The average retail price for the wine nationally was $26, with a range of $23 to $29. The Chalet price is $24.99.

The Wine

This wine was deeply colored, perhaps a dark garnet. When we opened the bottle the nose was very subtle and stubborn. As it gradually began to open, it produced some aromas of dark fruit. Throughout the tasting the nose remained very soft.

On the palate the wine showed hints of fruit, especially the Petite Sirah and Grenache. The palate was by no means dead, but it was very light. This is a balanced wine with very moderate tannins. The finish was of reasonable depth, light spice again with moderate tannins. A little dryness provided a good mouth feel, with supple texture.

This wine is a great value wine at $24.99, approachable out of the bottle and enjoyable for sipping or with a light meal. This wine will drink well over the next two to three years and would benefit from about 20 minutes of decanting.

If you live in my market, I suggest that you stop by Chalet and ask Stan for a bottle of this wine. While you are at it, ask about the Chalet’s Wine Club. It is well worth the money and Stan picks some excellent wines for members.

As always, I appreciate your support of our wine blog and encourage you to share it with family and friends. If you care to share your comments on this blog posting or other topics, please do so in the comments section below.


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