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One Ten Craft Meatery's focus on the future includes expansion of the drink menu

I’ve wanted to write an article on Warsaw’s One Ten Craft Meatery since it opened, but it seemed like every time I turned around, someone else from Flavor 574 was beating me to it.

I finally figured out an angle, though, and after verifying that no one had already covered it, I gleefully trotted off to One Ten and met with bar manager Geoff Haase, front of house manager Lawney Francis and owner Jason Brown to discuss the bar program.

One Ten is known for good food, but one thing that hasn’t gotten as much attention is the drink menu. Part of this may be attributed to the fact that they only have a wine license. But if the creative minds at One Ten can come up with innovative food menu items, you can rest assured that the drink menu reflects the same creativity.

Although the restaurant’s current alcohol license only allows them to serve wine, that hasn’t stopped them from developing delectable cocktails such as the popular Los Cabos Locos, which is made from a wine tequila and consists of fresh lime juice, simple syrup, strawberries and cilantro.

I’m partial to sangria, so I tried the blackberry and roast berry version (flavors change daily). While the consistency was a tad thicker than most sangrias I’ve had, that only added to the unique experience and certainly didn’t take away from the taste.

Blackberry and roast berry sangria. (Tom Westerhof/Bites & Bitters)

The cocktail menu currently has six drinks to choose from, and combined with a selection of more than 30 wines (including one of my favorite reds, the Mahoney pinot noir), the bar experience at One Ten is a unique alternative in downtown Warsaw.

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It’s small, with seating for about 10, but this only adds to the intimacy. You also won’t feel the need to shout over any background music, as its location in the center of the building negates the proclivity of some bars to turn up the music as the sun goes down.

Another advantage of visiting the bar at One Ten? You can walk out of the door with your favorite bottle of wine, even if there’s some still left in the bottle — one of the few restaurants in the area where patrons are permitted to do that. There’s no need to pour that last bit of wine into your glass and suck it down while paying for your bill. Simply cork it, walk out the door and bring it home to enjoy in the comfort of your own abode.

While the current bar program is small, plans to grow it are in the works. One of the options currently being explored is to renovate the building next door to the north, which is also owned by the proprietors of One Ten.

The new bar would be under the same corporate umbrella as One Ten, but would be branded differently as One Twelve and would possess a beer, wine and liquor license, allowing the drink purveyors at One Ten to expand their craft cocktail program even further.

Expansion plans are on hold, however, until the state makes a determination regarding Warsaw’s proposal to have portions of its downtown classified as a “Riverfront District,” an economic development classification that would allow any restaurant in that area to apply for an alcohol license.

While One Ten Craft Meatery is first and foremost a restaurant, the same people behind that delicious plate you’ve enjoyed are also the people who came up with the craft cocktails and wine selection. That should be enough of an enticing argument for you to consider One Ten for your next night out.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story mistakenly said that One Ten Craft Meatery served beer. Flavor 574 apologizes for this error.

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