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Meatless Monday: Researchers find seaweed that tastes like bacon

Three questions vegetarians or vegans have probably heard at one point or another: “Where do you get your protein?” “Don’t you miss meat?” and “But how, when there’s bacon?” 

A team of researchers at Oregon State University discovered one of the plants they are growing, dulse, tastes like bacon and has a bigger nutritional boost than kale, according to CBC News

The seaweed grows along coastal regions and isn’t a new type of plant, but the discovery of the meaty taste was accidental, Esquire reports. The school had been growing the seaweed for food for about a year. 

Dulse is packed with iodine, which is good in certain doses for thyroid health, as well as iron, according to Livestrong.

Flakes and strips of the seaweed are available online, but it’ll cost you. Two to four ounces of dried flakes are upward of $10 on Amazon

Other varieties of seaweed are still packed with nutrients you won’t find in other plants, and you can still get it in a landlocked state. Sheets are available at any supermarket for rolling into sushi or in packets to eat as a snack and are usually less than $5. 

  • Sushi: Seaweed is the wrap that holds your avocado or California rolls together. Take a sheet of seaweed and place on a sushi wrap. Spread cooled rice on the paper (hot rice will make the seaweed curl) and add the fillings. Wrap, roll and cut. Just be careful not to overfill the wrap, as those sheets are paper thin. 
  • Chips: In any Asian food market or section in the grocery store, you’ll find sheets cut into little squares for snack-size bites. You can get salted, wasabi flavored, sesame or even spicy flavors that are just about 30 calories for 10 sheets. 
  • Salad: Break up bite-sized bits into a salad with spinach, ginger, Mandarin oranges and spinach, or whatever tastes best. 
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