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Another trip to Fort Wayne discovers some tasty wings from an original place

My trips to Fort Wayne to take tests for my job have continued over the summer. If I fail, I drive the “lane of shame” all the way back home. When I pass…well, it goes somewhat like this.

After I passed the test about (as how I explained it to my 4-year old) – instructions on how to set up pipes in order to let water come in and go out of a house – I headed over to a Buffalo Wings and Ribs to celebrate. It was another entry on that article I read a while back about the best wings in Fort Wayne.

There are two Buffalo Wings and Ribs locations in Fort Wayne. I went to the one inside a strip mall on the north side of the city.

I was pretty excited about trying the wings here, as the place was founded in 1987 by people from Buffalo, N.Y. Since 1987 was before a time when there was a sports wing bar on every corner, I figured they would have some classic type wings to munch on.

The once difference I saw right away was the lack of a bar area. Oh, they serve alcohol, but it’s kind of like a mixture of a diner and a fast food place. You sit down in a room full of tables and there are a few TVs scattered. A waitress serves you, but you pay up at the counter by the entrance. It does have a retro feel to it, but at the same time it didn’t feel like an old place.

So how are the wings at a classic place like this? Pretty awesome.

I ordered half extra hot and half Cajun Inferno. When the waitress brought them out, she noted that the Cajun was their hottest. The extra hot sauce was a classic buffalo with an orange color and a tart vinegary bite. It was very similar to a Frank’s type sauce, but you could tell the place had its own flavor.

The Cajun Inferno was the best tasting of the two. It was very peppery and the heat was not so overwhelming that it took anything away from the flavor.

As far as the heat on these sauces, the extra hot came in at a 2 out of 4 where the Cajun Inferno was more of a 3.

The wings themselves were perfectly cooked. The chicken inside was very juicy. The sauce was smothered so much over the wings that you didn’t get any crispiness from the skin, but since the consistency of the sauce was on the thick side, that was OK in this case.

The price is pretty typical for wings. You can get 10 for $9.50, yielding a CPW of 95 cents, but if you go up to 16 wings you can get that CPW down to 83. With the wings large and the sauce good, it’s a good price to pay.

Buffalo Wings and Ribs has been around since before the chicken wing fad swept America, so don’t expect the sports bar theme you see at other wing places. Like I said before, it’s more of a basic restaurant similar to a diner or even a fast food dining area. But don’t let the appearance fool you. These wings are better than most modern wing places.

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