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July is National Bison Month, a great time to try locally raised bison meat

July is National Bison Month, a time for carnivores to sink their canines into the lean, beef alternative.

Compared to beef, bison meat contains fewer calories and less fat, according to the National Bison Association. It tastes similar to beef, only slightly richer and sweeter.

Some confusion arises at the meat counter when presented with bison and its cousin the buffalo. Although bison and buffalo are of the same family, they do not share the same genus or species.

Water buffalo are typically indigenous of Asia, Africa and Europe, while bison are found in North America, according to

According to the National Bison Association, grass-fed North American bison yield a nutrient-dense product perfect for summer grilling.

So, if you haven’t tasted bison meat, National Bison Month is a great excuse to give it a try. Here are a few places where you can buy bison meat locally.

Broken Wagon Bison
563 West 450 North, Hobart

  • Ground bison, bison patties, bison bratwurst, bison roasts and bison bones

Charlie’s Butcher Block
1900 Berry St., Elkhart

  • Frozen ground bison (one-pound packages, $12.99)

Cook’s Bison Ranch
5645 E. 600 S., Wolcottville

  • A 700-acre bison farm. Multiple cuts available.

DC Meats Inc. 
1711 Lincolnway E., Osceola

  • Frozen buffalo steaks, frozen ground buffalo ($9.99 per pound)

Evil Czech Brewery 
3703 N. Main St., Mishawaka – 574-855-3070
530 S. Ohio St., Culver – 574-842-2663

  • Bison patty option for burgers served at lunch and dinner

Jaworski’s Market
58413 Crumstown Hwy., South Bend

  • Frozen bison steaks, bison roasts ($35 per pound), bulk bison burger and patties ($12.99 per pound)

John’s Butcher Shop
158 N. Main St., Nappanee

  • Ground bison ($8.99 per pound)

Maple City Market
314 S. Main St., Goshen

  • Frozen ground bison ($9.99 per pound), frozen buffalo bratwurst ($10.99 per pound) and frozen buffalo patties ($12.99 per pound)

One Ten Craft Meatery 
110 N. Buffalo St., Warsaw

  • Burger (Available at lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday, $15)
  • Steak availability varies depending on the featured menu dinner.

Whole Foods Market
4230 Grape Rd., South Bend

  • Steaks ($7.99 to $14.99 per pound), Ground ($9.99 per pound)
  • Call for availability

Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Co.
435 S. Van Buren St., Shipshewana

  • Ground buffalo ($8.99), buffalo steaks ($18.99), buffalo roasts ($11.99)

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