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New Martin's grocery story on South Bend's west side will feature more fresh food

SOUTH BEND — Martin’s Super Markets recently announced its plan to construct a new Western Avenue location about one-half mile from the current west side site.

The new store will be situated on the southwest corner of Western Avenue and Mayflower Road, next to the Top Notch Restaurant, according to a news release.

Amy McClellan, marketing director for Martin’s Super Markets, said the company chose to build a new store instead of updating the existing one because “there’s only so much you can do in a renovation.”

“So, the new store will allow us to give the west side some, if not all, of the amenities that can be found at other stores in the area,” McClellan said.

With a projected completion date about two years out, McClellan said many of the store’s details have yet to be determined.

“There will be more variety in some of the fresh areas,” McClellan said. “The Side Door Deli will be a given. Beyond that, we’re still working on details as far as what specific services the store will offer.”

According the release, Martin’s is collaborating with county and city officials on annexation of the land, which is presently outside of South Bend’s city limits. 

“We’re excited about the opportunity to continue serving the neighborhood,” said Martin’s president and CEO Rob Bartels in the release. “The west side deserves this new store and the many new amenities that will improve their overall shopping experience. Making an investment in the community where we have roots is fundamental to our continued growth.” 

From as far north as St. Joseph, Mich., down to Logansport, Ind., the regional grocery chain currently has 22 stores. It is headquartered in South Bend.

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