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By: Crystal Hallwood

Crystal Hallwood

I love to do day trips to all the lovely lake towns that dot the shore of Lake Michigan. There are so many awesome communities, beautiful beaches, quaint shopping districts and unique independent eats.

I was just up in Bridgman, spending a day at Weko Beach with my best friend. Truth be told, we were at the Weko Beach Wine Festival, which is a fantastic event. Basically, hang out on the beach, overhear some awesome musicians that change practically on the hour (so something for everyone), wander into the tent (paid admission) that covers a large chunk of the parking lot and go sample some great local Michigan wines. They also have a couple of food vendors handy, making it easy to spend a good part of your day or night there. . It’s a great way to spend the day. But as a vegan, my options were limited to ….. hummus. Not that I don’t love hummus, I totally do. But I have buckets of it at home. I rarely order hummus out. It is the vegan equivalent of fried cheese sticks. It’s on every menu on earth. But I digress.

After enjoying the beach festivities, the music and sampling some truly good wines,…we were hungry. So we headed to Tapistry Brewing Company, in Bridgman. In light of our afternoon of wine tasting, we opted to start with the homemade rootbeer. Excellent choice. Spicy and tasty, great depth of flavor – and I am not a pop drinker.

Next up, the Kwame (no cheese). This is a zesty sandwich with cashew curry hummus, cucumber, peppers and alfalfa sprouts. I suspect a hefty amount of garlic is also involved, whether in the marinade or the hummus, because it was imparting some heat and liveliness. It came on toasted bread and had a fantastic little side salad. It was not huge, but it was tasty and I really enjoyed the freshness and kick to both the sandwich and salad. There were also pickles on my plate, of which I don’t normally partake – but my friend was making happy noises and nodding, so I tried them. These are a surprise highlight. Flavorful, crunchy and tangy. My bill was about $10. While the vegan options aren’t overwhelming, it sure is nice to know that there is another restaurant in our community aware that many diners are looking for vegan options.

The Brewery itself has a cool vibe, high ceilings, local art, some grey with some bright colors on the wall. It’’s a local place and also a place that attracts bikers (the pedaling kind). There was a group of riders chilling out with a pint around a couch area, there is a bar area and plenty of table top seating, as well. All in all, a cool little place to check out and grab a pint or a root beer.


While there are not a ton of

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