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Five tips to prepare Indiana sweet corn like a pro

Sweet corn in the summer is an Indiana tradition. 

Boiled or grilled, make the most of sweet corn this season with these five ridiculously easy tips to get rid of pesky corn silk, save for the winter and more. 


Peeling corn is easy enough, but getting rid of silk can take a while and can leave a mess in the kitchen. America’s Test Kitchen recommends: 

  1. Cutting off the end at the stalk.
  2. Put corn on a plate and microwave for about three minutes.
  3. Shake and squeeze corn out of the husk.


There’s no reason you can’t enjoy the taste of summer into the winter, and sometimes canned corn or flash-frozen kernels just won’t do. 

Prepare fresh corn for freezing with these tips from The Tip Garden to enjoy long after the corn fields are barren.

  1. Snap off the end and pull off the silk at the other end.
  2. Keeping the husks on the corn, place cobs in a gallon freezer bag and get as much air out of the bag as possible. Freeze for up to six months. 
  3. When it’s time to make the corn, let it thaw for at least eight hours, then shuck and cook as desired. 


Sweet corn is a gem in northern Indiana, and buying local ensures fresh taste and supports local farms. There are plenty of stands in Michiana to get a few ears. 


An enemy to orthodontists everywhere, corn on the cob can be messy to eat or near impossible for some. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss that fresh, on-the-cob taste. 

Remove the kernels from the cob with a pan and a knife. Real Simple suggests placing the ear of corn in the center of a Bundt pan and sliding a knife down the cob so the kernels are collected in the pan. There are also corn stripping tools designed for the purpose.


Get beyond butter with seasoning. Flavor 574 has a recipe for zesty Mexican street corn, but other popular toppings are Cajun seasoning, cilantro or a squeeze of lime. 

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