Ask a Foodie: Where to find Michiana's locally made salami, bologna and sausages


By: Geoff Lesar

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For consumers, knowing where and by whom commercial meat is processed can often be a mystery.

And as the country’s desire for increased food transparency grows, so too do the efforts of local producers to ensure their products are personally prepared and distributed.

This week’s Ask a Foodie question comes from Larry Peters, who asked, “Are there any local meat shops that make their own salami or bologna like I see on the Food Network?”

In addition to the local selections of salami and bologna, multiple meateries also specialize in encased sausages and jerky, all made in-house.

Here are a few area butchers that prefer to get personal with their pork, chicken and beef.  


Bales Butcher Shop

504 S. Huntington St., Syracuse


  • Bratwurst (10 varieties) and sausage patties

Charlie’s Butcher Block
1900 Berry St., Elkhart

  • Sausages (eight varieties)

DC Meats Inc.
1711 Lincolnway W., Osceola

  • Old-fashioned German ring bologna, summer sausage and encased sausage (35 varieties)

Eby’s Old Fashioned Meat Market
56977 S. Mayflower Road, South Bend

  • Bratwurst (Hawaiian, cheddar, jalapeno, tailgaters, peppercorn, salsa, green onion and Polish varieties), breakfast sausage and Italian sausage

Jaworski’s Market
58413 Crumstown Highway, South Bend

  • Summer sausage (six varieties) and smoked sausage (six varieties)

John’s Butcher Shop
158 N. Main St., Nappanee

  • Ring bologna, summer sausage (four varieties), Polish sausage, chicken sausage (parsley and bleu cheese, Italian and chicken cordon bleu), bratwurst (17 varieties), hot dogs, jerky, snack sticks and sausage patties (three varieties)

Martin’s Custom Butchering
27570 C.R. 42, Wakarusa

  • Summer sausage (five varieties), bratwurst (seven varieties), hot dogs, smoked sausage, beef snack sticks and sausage patties

Mattern’s Butcher Shop & Corner Deli
201 S. Main St., Goshen

  • Bratwurst

Mischler Packing Co.
5680 W. 100 N., LaGrange

  • Sliced and ring bologna (plain and garlic), summer sausage (beef, garlic and jalapeno varieties) and other encased sausages (six varieties)

Old Hoosier Meats
101 Wayne St., Middlebury

  • Ring bologna, summer sausage, smoked sausage, bratwurst (12 varieties), jalapeno and cheese beef stick and small beef sticks

Sawyers Meats
760 S. Eddy St., South Bend (also available at South Bend Farmers Market)

  • Ring bologna (regular and garlic) and sausage (eight varieties)

Yoder’s Meat and Cheese Co.
435 S. Van Buren St., Shipshewana

  • Garlic bologna, German bologna (cracker cut-style), cotto salami (cracker cut-style), summer sausage (beef, cheese, jalapeno), smoked and fresh bratwurst and sausages, jerky and beef sticks

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