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Blueberries will be ripe for the picking in Michiana next week

Blueberries will be ready for picking at The Blueberry Ranch in Mishawaka next week.

Owner John Nelson hopes to open for business on Monday, July 6, though that date might change to sometime later that week, depending on how the berries are looking.

Blueberry plants bloom in May, and the berries usually take about two months to develop, he said. That means blueberries are usually in season by July 4.

The Blueberry Ranch, 54743 Buckeye Road in Mishawaka, grows USDA-certified organic blueberries. It’s $2.15 for a pound if you pick your own blueberries at the farm.

To check on whether the blueberry patches are open, call The Blueberry Ranch at 574-255-5773 or find updates at its Facebook page.

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