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Ben Hartman of Clay Bottom Farm pens book on lean farming methods

GOSHEN — A Goshen farmer is trying to change the way people think about factory farming. 

In his new book “The Lean Farm,” Ben Hartman writes about applying lean business principles to farming to reduce waste and, in turn, be more efficient and profitable with less work. 

Hartman’s book explains how doing so makes farming more economically and environmentally sustainable, according to the release.

Hartman and his wife, Rachel Hershberger, own and operate Clay Bottom Farm in Goshen, according to the news release. Their produce is sourced to local restaurants and kitchens, as well as community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs

The lean concept, however, didn’t start on the farm. It was originally developed in Japan’s automotive industry, according to the release, but is now being applied to the agricultural industry. 

The book is set to publish in September, according to Chelsea Green publishing

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