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Area produce stands begin selling some of the first sweet corn of the summer

Sweet Corn Charlie Produce is selling some of the first sweet corn of the season at markets throughout Michiana.

Their crop of sweet corn came into season on Saturday, owner and farmer Chuck Mohler said. The normal season for sweet corn in northern Indiana doesn’t usually start until July 15 or 20.

But through a farming technique he learned in Israel, Mohler is able to sell his sweet corn ahead of time. He grows his maize in a greenhouse before moving the plants out into the open. It’s a little more costly, but he found that customers were willing to pay a little more to get their sweet corn a little earlier.

“People wanted sweet corn for the Fourth of July,” Mohler said. “They don’t want to wait for late summer to enjoy sweet corn grown in northern Indiana.”

And that demand has grown Sweet Corn Charlie Produce to what it is today.

You can get a dozen fresh ears of sweet corn for $7 starting July 1, Mohler said. You can also get a half-dozen ears, which Mohler said was being sold for $3.95 June 30.

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