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Time with grandchildren serves as reminder to take time for play, wonder and amazement

Every now and then, something happens that makes your life change forever. One of those things for us was becoming grandparents. Since our grandson lives in far away Colorado, our everyday lives have not changed that much. But we definitely have traveled to Colorado every year since we received the news, sometimes even getting there twice a year. And he and his parents have made it out this way several times also. This weekend, we are hosting him while his parents take some much needed alone time and now we truly are experiencing what it means to be grandparents. Living with this child that is part of our flesh and blood, observing him at rest and at play, is a whole new ball game and worth every moment.

He’s all of 5 and on his way to 6, and he is full of wonder, laughter and a lot of determination. While we carry our work with us, he reminds us to be fully engaged in living, whether playing with Playmobile or using the digger at the park, eating a Popsicle or chasing fireflies. As we follow Jasper around, we watch the world through his eyes and relive our first times of wonder.

We remember what it’s like to see fireflies for the first time and play without any sense of the hours going by. We watch the wheels turning in his head as he learns about the world around him. We take on the unlimited imagination and creativity that has not been thwarted by hard lessons in life.

We try and keep up with his boundless energy and endless movement. And when he is at rest or asleep, we watch him with amazement. Just like once we were parents to two bundles of energy, now we are reminded of all the things this young mind can absorb as he makes his way through life. As I reach new milestones in own life, I try to keep this sense of amazement and curiosity. Having a grandchild or other young child in my life reminds me that I need to take the time to wonder about things around me and also keep some play time.

As the week winds down, I am running out of energy trying to keep up with this young one! But may I never stop heading into life with exuberance and love.

Here is a recipe our kids used to love, a perfect snack for a kid on the go.

Peanut butter balls

  • 1/2 c. peanut butter
  • 1/3 c. honey
  • 3/4 c. milk powder
  • 1 c. instant rolled oats

Mix all ingredients together. Roll out into balls. Children might like to make these.

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