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Redamak's Beachside opens at New Buffalo Public Beach

NEW BUFFALO, Mich. — New Buffalo beachgoers can now bite into a classic Redamak’s burger while burying their feet in the sand.

The 40-year-old seasonal dining destination opened its new Redamak’s Beachside on Saturday, June 20, located in the former concession stand at the New Buffalo Public Beach.  

“It’s actually my son, Charlie, who has spearheaded the notion of going down there,” said Redamak’s owner Chuck Maroney. “He put together the proposal, presented to the city and ultimately was approved for the space. It’s just another way to keep our name in front of people. You know, the reputation and quality that we represent. It’s a new avenue for us.”

Maroney said the space is secure under a five-year lease agreement — three years with two one-year renewal options.

Because the new location is not equipped with a kitchen hood or proper food preparation station, Redamak’s Beachside currently offers a limited menu of burgers, cold sandwiches, hot dogs, bratwursts, ice cream novelties, soft drinks, candy and water.

For now, food is prepared at the original Redamak’s, 616 E. Buffalo St., and brought down to the beach, but Maroney said this method will soon change with the addition of a food truck.

“We’re just waiting on the freight company as to when they can pick the truck up and deliver to us,” Maroney said.

He anticipates the food truck to be delivered between Monday and Wednesday of next week and, barring any issues with licensing and inspection, plans to have it ready by Fourth of July weekend.

Once operational, the truck will be able to produce the restaurant’s menu in full, with the addition of a barbecue pulled pork option and eight to ten new gourmet burgers, which have been slowly introduced to customers since last September.

New burgers include the Pound It, with two 8-ounce patties, bacon, deep fried onion petals, Velveeta and Sriracha mayonnaise on toasted brioche and the 5-0, a 5-ounce patty topped with Canadian bacon, pineapple, sharp cheddar and Sriracha mayonnaise on a toasted bun.

Maroney said, like the original location, Redamak’s Beachside is accepting cash only. The owner said he is in talks with a local bank and hopes to have an ATM on site soon.

Proper seating comes in the form of two picnic tables, but Maroney said he would like to add three or more tables to accommodate about 30 people.

Redamak’s Beachside will operate seven days a week, from 10 a.m. until the sun sets over southwest Michigan. In the event of a beach closing, Maroney said the business will “play it by ear,” as to whether it will remain open.

“The city is excited, as we are too, to be down there,” Maroney said. “It’s a great opportunity for us and the city has been very gracious.” 

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