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Outback Steakhouse has good wings for a good price

A few months back, I did a write-up about Logan’s Roadhouse and talked a little about the steak chain places and how they are business trip gold. Well, Outback Steakhouse is the eminent chain that sits next to a “Good Stay Inn” right off the interstate that connects to a municipal airport for mid-sized city, United States. 

You can take a seat at the bar and order portions of oversized food — yes, I’m referring to you, Bloomin’ Onion

You can also grab a jug of the most Australian beer that they might not drink in Australia. Foster’s, you’re not fooling anybody. Wikipedia says you were first brewed by a couple of guys from New York City.

When your steak comes out, you can get it topped with the traditional fare of onions or mushrooms, but it’s Outback and the client is buying. So you say, “Yes, ma’am, I’ll top off my steak with a heap of coconut shrimp.”

For dessert, you only need to say five words: Chocolate Thunder from Down Under. And remember, the dessert doesn’t have to be eaten at the restaurant. You can take it back to the hotel room and finish it later while you are watching reruns of “The King of Queens” on the 27-inch bubble screen television. 

One evening, I opened my own wallet and took the family out to the Outback in Mishawaka, 4611 Grape Road, to see what kind of wings people Down Under supposedly eat — do they even have chickens in Australia?

I ordered the chicken wings hot and it comes dipped in “secret spices.” I’m guessing the secret spice is mostly salt, as these were the saltiest wings I have ever had. But don’t get me wrong, it was still edible. It just took away from the other flavors in the rub.

I also tasted a lot of cumin (often used in taco seasoning) and the paprika gave the sauce a blood red color. The texture of the sauce itself was somewhere between a liquid and a solid — too grainy to be a sauce, too drippy to be a rub. Overall, it was good and very unique to what I’ve eaten before.

It wasn’t too spicy, either — around a 2 out of 4 on the heat scale. The size was around a medium/large. They gave me 12 wings for $9.50, which comes out to a CPW of 79 cents. It was a good price for these wings and a lot cheaper than most of the other stuff on the menu.

This visit, I was happy with my meal and more than happy to pay a good price for some good wings.

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