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Dandino's to reopen for lunch on Friday

Dandino’s is back.

Chris Stoller reached an agreement with longtime owners Bob and Joan Allberry on Thursday and the Goshen restaurant will be open at 11 a.m. Friday, June 19, for lunch.

“Up and running again,” Stoller said, apologizing for the drama of the last few days.

A closed sign appeared on the restaurant Tuesday morning and Stoller was looking for financing to continue purchasing the restaurant from the Allberrys, who owned the supper club at 1407 Elkhart Road for more than 30 years.

A one-year rent-to-own agreement with the Allberrys had expired this week. Stoller said he thought he had bank financing but then didn’t and was trying to find someone to help finance the purchase.

After about an hour and a half of conversation, Stoller and the Allberrys reach an agreement that will allow Stoller to continue paying them through December and then purchase the restaurant outright.

“Barring any huge disaster in the next six months, which I don’t foresee, it’ll be over and done with and we can build from there,” Stoller said.

He’s taking on a partner. “It looks like we’re going to make it happen,” he said.

Renovations and costs of fixing the aging building and equipment, like a restroom project needed to comply with excise laws, took their toll. “We just got killed (by) one giant cost after another,” he said.

But Stoller is hopeful for where things go from here. He said he knows the service and food aren’t perfect, but they’re getting better and continue to progress.

“The business is there. We’re so close to breaking over the top. It’s working,” he said.

He believes he can keep improving and continue with purchasing the restaurant and hope customers will notice the effort.

“Don’t give up on us yet. We’re not dead yet. We’re still getting there. We’re getting better every day,” he said.

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