Kitchen Klutzes of America Day 2015: Readers and staff share their worst kitchen mishaps


By: Danielle Waldron

David Lounsbury/Flickr Creative Commons

Somebody call Gordon Ramsay, because we’ve all had a day when the struggle in the kitchen was too real. 

Whether you’ve accidentally set fire to the Thanksgiving turkey or set a pot of soup on the stove only to forget about it hours after the fact, we’ve all had a bad experience (or five) in the kitchen.

Kitchen Klutzes of America Day is Saturday, June 13, according to CNN’s Eatocracy, and it’s a day to laugh off those once disastrous, messy or potentially hazardous mishaps. 

We asked Flavor 574 and Elkhart Truth readers to share their absolute worst kitchen blunders and the responses were nothing short of hilarious. 

We’ve all got ’em! What’s the worst kitchen mishap you’ve ever caused? I’ll start: I may or may not have melted a food…

Posted by The Elkhart Truth on Thursday, June 4, 2015


OK, OK, time to come clean: Digital producer Danielle Waldron has melted a food processor bowl and has set a kitchen…

Posted by Flavor 574 on Thursday, June 4, 2015

We asked our own staffers to come clean about their worst mistakes, which resulted in melted plastic cookware and utensils, a few flames and more.

Thanks to everyone who shared. You can still share your worst kitchen misadventures in the comments below! 

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