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Lunker's 33 cent chicken wing special on Mondays is the best value in the area

I’m a city guy. I don’t know what color cow gives milk and which one ends up as a steak on my plate. If there is a dead ’possum in the backyard, my wife’s the one who will probably throw it away. (I don’t want to touch that thing!)

I got yelled at by a guy in college while he was describing NASCAR to me because I made the comment, “So it’s kind of like the Indy 500?” When I watch “Sons of Anarchy,” I root for the cops. The closest I get to listening to country music is when a Kid Rock song is shuffled on my iTunes.

And, you couldn’t pay me enough money to sit on a boat all day and go fishing.

I have been fishing a couple times as a kid. Usually, I just sat there on the boat thinking that there was probably a video game somewhere I could be playing right now. In fact, the best time I went fishing is when my dad, my uncle and my brothers, and I went on a big boat in Florida for some deep sea fishing.

It was great—they put the bait on the hook for me and all I had to do was stand there and hold the pole. When a fish bit, I just had to reel it in—then they took the fish off the hook for me and stored it. When we got off the boat, they gutted the fish and sent us home with nice, wrapped-up packages of fish filets that we could bread up and fry.

Now that I’m older, I just skip that whole process and go directly to a seafood restaurant near the ocean.

After one of my previous blog posts, someone told me that Lunker’s in Edwardsburg has some great wings. Since Lunker’s is a sporting goods store and I wasn’t sure what that was about, it wasn’t terribly high on my priority list. That is, until I found out those wings are only 33 cents each (on Mondays).

Lunker’s is a huge fishing superstore at 26324 U.S. 12 East. They do have camping and hunting gear too, but fishing seems to be the main focus. You can find all sorts of bait and become a master of the fishing trip. There are giant stuffed animals in the front for the kids to see and a wide assortment of guns in the back for the parents to take a look at.

On the east side of the building there is a huge restaurant, Angler’s Inn. It has a bar and many large fish tanks.

The 33 cent wings were very impressive. There are two high points of getting the wings here.

First, obviously, is the price. A CPW of 33 cents is at the top of the list as far as price is concerned. Secondly, they were perfectly cooked. They had a lightly breaded, very crisp skin on the outside and the chicken inside was extremely juicy.

The sauces were pretty good, too. I got the hot and the mango-habanero. The hot had a peppery taste and rated about a 3 out of 4 on the heat scale. The mango-habanero didn’t have as much heat, as it was more mango than habanero.

I’ve been having an issue with wings lately from what I call “the sauce pit.” It’s when the wings come out and at the bottom of the basket contains a collection of sauce.

The wings on top get spun in just the right amount of sauce, so they taste crispy and good, but the last few have been soaking at the bottom of the pit the whole time. It makes the wing skin soggy and can really ramp up the heat — turning an already sore mouth into an inferno. It’s not just this place that does it, but it was really noticeable here since the wings on top were so good.

It’s surprising to find a place like this. I would have never guessed a fishing superstore would serve such good buffalo wings.

If anyone has a fishing trip coming up, I’ll probably pass on the fishing part. But, if you need someone to come with you to get some bait up at the Luncker’s, I’m sure I can fit it in my schedule.

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