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Two new beers on tap at Goshen Brewing Co.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have stopped in at Goshen Brewing Co. several times and I have yet to see a slow moment. Maybe it’s because it’s the new kid on the block, but I believe it’s because it is a great place.

You will have to excuse my writing about this brewery several times already, but since it’s just a few blocks from my home, this is now my local watering hole.

I rarely write while actually sitting in a brewery or brewpub, but the atmosphere here just begs for me to hang out, and since it’s a laid back Friday afternoon, I decided to write while enjoying the two new beers on tap. When I arrived, the bar was full, so I took a table in the corner to catch up on some reading as well as some writing.

Of the two new beers, I ordered both and let the Russian imperial stout warm up a bit while I enjoyed the Millrace Hefeweizen (6 percent ABV, IBUs 21). This is a nice, traditional version of the style, and a great hot-day beer.  

It pours a nice, cloudy straw color with the traditional aroma of banana and clove. “Hefe” means “with yeast,” and “weizen” is German for wheat — hence the cloudy appearance of this unfiltered wheat beer. Banana and clove both come through on the flavor as well, along with notes of bright fruit, yeast and a bit of bubblegum. In the middle there is some tartness with a dry finish.

Brewer Jesse Sensenig told me that he brewed this with just under 50 percent wheat malt, and German Pilsen malt, which gives this its traditional feel.

Ooooh, my. Just had my first taste of Biz Czar Russian Imperial Stout (7.5 percent ABV, IBUs 65). As much as I love hoppy beers, I also love big stouts. This has big flavors of roasted malt and chocolate, with a dry bitter chocolate finish. I can’t wait to taste the bourbon barrel-aged version!

While I was sitting here, Jenny Frech from The Soapy Gnome brought in her fresh batch of Goshen Brew Co. soap. I sniffed them all, and although The Grind Mocha smelled like I could eat it, my favorite was the Tailwind Tuscan Citrus.

Here are some other things to look forward to. Hophead Hurray IPA is conditioning right now and should be ready sometime next week. It is brewed with all hops from Hop Head Farms, and Jesse gave me just a taste. My hop head palate is looking forward to next week already.

In addition to the Hefe that is already on tap, there is a Dunkleweizen on its way.  This is a darker version of a Hefeweizen using darker malts – dunkel meaning dark.  At least two different beers are aging in at least two different types of wooden barrels.  

The Biz Czar Russian Imperial Stout is in both Journeyman Featherbone bourbon barrels and Ravenswood rye whiskey barrels. There is also some Young Soul in bourbon barrels.

Jesse told me that some of the beers will repeat here for awhile, but he plans to mix things up a bit over time. He’s got some small amounts of odd hops and other ingredients. So if you are looking to try new things, Goshen Brew Co. will be the place to go.

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