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Elkhart's Five Star Dive Bar adds five craft beers to the menu

Like a seasoned musician, the staff at Five Star Dive Bar know how to play through a sour note.

The Elkhart bar and restaurant recently planned a three-course beer dinner for May 28 which, through voting, would have determined three craft beer additions to its long list of domestics.

Unfortunately, voter turnout wasn’t as strong as owner Jason Curtis had anticipated.

“I’m sad to say that we ended up canceling the event due to lack of response,” Curtis said. “Maybe we tried to do the beer dinner too early before we established our craft clientele.” 

Still, Curtis continued with his plan of catering to the demands of some customers. 

“We’ve brought in several craft beers on our own and at the recommendation of some of the breweries we’ve met with,” he said.

Among the five new additions are:

Although the first beer dinner was a dud, there may be another one in the bar’s future.

“I think we’re going to spend the summer establishing our craft clientele here a little more. We’ll try to do it again,” Curtis said.

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