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The Electric Brew to screen movie about specialty coffee, support Mexican roastery

Goshen coffee house The Electric Brew recently started a crowdfunding campaign on Goshen Funded, asking the public for donations to screen “A Film About Coffee” and help a Mexican coffee roastery and cooperative.

The campaign looks to raise $1,200, which will fund a private coffee tasting and movie screening Sunday, June 7, and an encore showing Tuesday, June 12, at the Goshen Art House at 211 S. Main St.

“A Film About Coffee” is a documentary which looks back at the history of specialty coffees, examining “what it takes, and what it means, for coffee to be defined as ’specialty,’” according to the film’s website.

The film visits farms in Honduras and Rwanda as well as coffee shops in Tokyo, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and New York.

Anyone who supports the crowdfunding campaign with a donation of $10 or more may reserve a seat at the screening. For $15 or more, supporters may also choose to participate in the coffee tasting.

For further information about the rewards for donating to the campaign, visit The Electric Brew’s crowdfunding campaign on Goshen Funded.

Any donations above the $1,200 goal will benefit Café Justo, a coffee roastery and cooperative in Sonora, Mexico. Migrant workers founded the roastery so they would be able to charge a fair price for their coffee beans, according to the campaign’s website.

“In the community down there, the dollars are limited,” The Electric Brew owner Myron Bontrager said. “They’re trying to develop a bigger market for their coffee, which creates more jobs, which creates more family stability and health. In an indirect way, by helping them build their own co-op and strengthening it, it created more social and physical health in the community.”

You can get a taste of Café Justo’s coffee at the Sunday screening of the documentary or receive a bag of its coffee beans as one of the rewards for donating $12 or more to the campaign.

Bontrager hopes the screening will not only help educate people about the history and taste of coffee, but also cultivate an appreciation of the impact their dollars can make for a community almost 2,000 miles away.

“If we choose wisely and intentionally, we can help impact a community in a different region by choices we make and how we purchase,” he said.

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