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It's official: Rulli's in Middlebury baked the world's largest calzone

It took more than eight months, but Guinness World Records has made its official ruling.

On Aug. 9, 2014, Rulli’s Italian American Restaurant, 851 U.S. 20 in Middlebury, created the largest calzone ever recorded

The 212-pound, 23-foot-7-inch pie required about $500 worth of ingredients and was prepared with 30 pounds of cheese and 25 pounds of pepperoni, according to a previous report from Flavor 574.

“It feels pretty good,” owner Sam Rulli said. “After 27 years in business here, it helps all the locations and gives a bit of respect to the little town of Middlebury.”

Since they chose not to fly in an official Guinness World Records judge, Rulli said three witnesses had to be approved upfront, a process which took a few months.

“Once they were approved, they had to sign sworn documents to everything they witnessed,” Rulli said.

A video submission was also required, documenting the event from start to finish, including the weighing of ingredients, proof of brands used and witness introductions.

The whole process took much longer than the Rullis expected.

“I was really getting discouraged. We knew we had beaten the record,” Rulli said. “You can spend big dollars and fly one of their people out from England, or wherever it is, and they can witness it and verify you on the spot. I think it was like ten grand to do that. Or, you can submit everything like we did and wait.”

The weight of Rulli’s record-breaking calzone nearly triples the previously hailed 69-pounder from West Lafayette’s now-closed Loveshack. 

“We did a practice run and we basically beat the record by that. But we really wanted to go the extra yard and blow that out of the water,” Rulli said. “It’s very involved and it’s not cheap, so I want to hold that record for a while, I guess.”

Rulli said the bulk of his costs for the colossal calzone came from scale rentals and hiring oven technicians from Middleby Marshall to oversee the process.

In the event that a one-upper comes along and attempts to take over the title, Rulli said “we definitely would” do it again. 

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