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Goshen cheese shop expected to open in a couple weeks

The last few pieces in the puzzle are falling into place for Rachel Shenk, who is working to bring a fresh taste of Europe to Goshen. 

Shenk, the owner of Rachel’s Bread in Goshen, is a couple of weeks away from opening The Wedge, a cheese shop offering a variety of European cheeses.

The shop will be located at 212 West Washington St., behind Shenk’s bakery in the Goshen Farmers Market

Shenk said she is still waiting for a deli case where she will store the cheese. Once that’s installed and running, she’ll ask for the health inspector’s approval to start officially running her business. 

Shenk said she hopes to open The Wedge two weeks from now. 

In the meantime, she’s already started selling cheese at Rachel’s Bread. She has a small selection that includes Gruyère, Manchego, Emmental and Brie, some of the cheeses she most often uses in the bakery and cafe.

The selection of cheese at The Wedge, she said, will rotate, ranging from the exotic to the approachable.

On Tuesday, May 12, Shenk invited customers through Facebook to visit and buy cheese while the farmers market was open, and she got some positive feedback. 

“People are very excited about it,” she said. “It seems like there’s been a lot of attention.”

Some customers are already used to buying cheese from Shenk, she said. Even before she started making plans to open the cheese shop, she occasionally held cheese sales at the bakery. 

“So people knew they could buy cheese here, but it’s never like we advertised that as our thing,” she said.

Now that she is advertising the cheese from The Wedge, Shenk said the Facebook page will be a good tool to let people know what kinds of cheese she has available at any given time.

The shop will allow customers to buy as much or as little cheese as they want, to buy it fresh, and to learn about and explore new cheeses. 

“There are millions of cheeses, and basically I’m trying to pick out things that I know people will recognize to some extent, but also bring some new stuff to push people’s frontiers open,” she said.

While the shop is already getting plenty of attention, she said she hopes people will see it as an opportunity to complement the artisan breads of Rachel’s Bread.  

“It’s exciting to see. At the same time I don’t want it to take away from the bread,” she said. “The bread and the cheese go together.“

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