What a wonderful time, this month of May


By: Jim Carpenter

woodleywonderworks/Flickr Creative Commons

March has the promise of spring,

April has flowers and rain.

But May is the month I love the most,

when the planting can truly begin.

The warmer days are coming soon,

though carrots and lettuce are up.

But now the tomatoes and peppers go in,

and I wonder, “Will there be room enough?”


With cabbages growing and potatoes showing,

the sweet corn is spiking its way.

Soon the beans will start to take off,

what a wonderful time, this month of May!


The sweet potato and zucchini are starting,

not to mention the cucumber vine.

The carrots are growing, the radishes near,

soon it will be pea picking time!


The month of May has promise galore,

whether it brings rain or sun.

So when I say I work in the garden,

I’m really out there having fun!


Of all the months that come in a year,

there are none so finer than this.

Scrunching toes in the dirt, feeling the sun,

surely this must be bliss!


The days go by, the garden grows,

but this one thing I know,

in the garden as in life,

we harvest what we sow!

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