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The Tower Bar and Grill in Fort Wayne has some of the best wings in the city

When traveling in an unfamiliar town, a question that sometimes pops up in my mind is, “Where can I get some good wings around here?”

Sure, you can ask around or open up the yellow pages. But since this is 2015, I have access at all times to this thing called the Internet.

It was a rainy day about a month ago when I left home at 6 in the morning to take a couple of tests for work in Fort Wayne. I went in feeling all confident and clearheaded, but those test questions made my brain take off to a beach in Aruba.

Not sure what was worse — totally bombing the first test, or missing a pass score by one answer on the second one.

As I dashed through the rain to my Subaru to take the “lane of shame” back to work, my brain decided to come back online as it looked at my stomach and said, “Hey, let’s go get some wings.” I grabbed my iPhone and Googled, “best wings in Fort Wayne.”

I came up with a blog from a local radio station’s website counting down the best wing joints. No. 1 was called the Tower Bar and Grill. I had no idea where it was, but since this is 2015 I didn’t need to.

One press of a button and I said, “Siri, go to the Tower Bar and Grill.” Ten minutes later I found myself in the parking lot of a small bar surrounded by an industrial area with many towers and wires.

Inside, the atmosphere was much nicer. It’s a little neighborhood bar similar to The Oasis, Hunter’s Place or the old Bulldog in Elkhart. I took a seat at the bar and ordered the Tower Grilled Wings, their specialty.

These could quite possibly be the best wings in Fort Wayne.

The wings came out big and juicy with an Italian seasoning. They were tart, kind of like the kick you get when you bite into a candy SweeTart, but less sugary. It was very close to tasting like chicken Vesuvio, but the sauce was more like a really good Italian salad dressing baked into the skin of the chicken.

The other place I had similar wings was at Tony Sacco’s in Granger, but these were larger, juicier and had a better taste.

For 10 wings at $8, you get a good deal, with a CPW of 80 cents. You can even get them cheaper on Wednesdays and Saturdays, when they are on special.

The sky cleared up on the drive back to the office. It’s surprising what a good bar and some great wings will do to turn around a gloomy day. And, anyway, no one has to know what I did on those tests… oh… wait… darn…

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