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Indiana microbreweries receive a boost in barrel limit with recent legislation

Indiana microbreweries recently received the break they were hoping for.

Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law Senate Bill 297, which increases the amount of beer allowed for sale in-state from 30,000 barrels per year to 90,000 barrels per year, according to a report from Amy Haneline of the Indy Star.

The bill also places a limit of 30,000 barrels on Indiana breweries’ ability to self-distribute. Now, any brewery exceeding 30,000 barrels must go through a three-tiered system of supplier to wholesaler to retailer, according to the Indy Star.

Senate Bill 297 trumps the originally proposed Senate Bill 281, authored by Sen. Carlin Yoder (R-Middlebury), which would have only raised to the cap to 60,000 barrels per year. 

Breweries producing under the limit will also retain the right to operate on-site restaurants and tasting rooms, which Indianapolis’ Sun King Brewing co-owner Omar Robinson told Flavor 574 was its “biggest marketing tool.” 

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