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Cinco de Mayo 2015: Which Michiana bar or restaurant has the best margaritas?

When I think about Cinco de Mayo, I think about margaritas.

Admittedly, this probably isn’t the most culturally accurate way to think about the celebration (which, I’ll note, is not Mexico’s Independence Day).

The holiday actually marks Mexican forces’ 1862 triumph over the French and is usually honored with parades, speeches and battle re-enactments in its native land, but in the U.S. the celebration has taken on a different form, Encyclopedia Britannica says

Americans have embraced the holiday as an excuse to celebrate our neighbors to the south through music and food, kick back on the patio and – of course – sip on a margarita. 

So, we’re wondering:
Which Michiana dining locale are you going to hit up for an awesome margarita on May 5?

In the box below, let us know which restaurant or bar you think has the best margarita in the area. We’ll tally up the results and publish them on Cinco de Mayo so our readers can make an informed margarita decision when 5 o’clock (or maybe earlier — we’re not judging) rolls around.

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