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Margaret Potuck of Happy Dance Cupcakes returns to Goshen and baking

Margaret Potuck and her husband, Michael, have returned to Goshen after what she calls a long working vacation.

The former owner of Happy Dance Cupcakes moved to Encinitas, Calif., in November with Michael, who works for Apple. She had found a baking job there after owning her own cupcake business in Goshen.

“We thought it could be kind of like Goshen,” she said, though without the hard winter. They were near her father and stepmother, relatively, but it was still a 40-minute drive on a good day, or 90 minutes in heavy traffic.

They soon figured out that they wanted to come back.

“We figured out that people don’t enjoy hanging out as much as they do here,” she said. “It’s so warm and welcoming here in Goshen and we have such an amazing group of friends.”

So she’s back to baking, only this time she’s baking her cupcakes and other sweets for Constant Spring.


Have some sweet news! Margaret of Happy Dance Cupcakes puts the finishing touches on the chocolate peanut butter…

Posted by Constant Spring on Monday, April 13, 2015

“I’m really happy about that,” she said. “It allows me to pursue my passion and not be limited to just cupcakes.”

She’ll make her cupcakes, which won a Dining A La King search for the best cupcakes in Elkhart County, but also experiment with other sweets. This week she made lemon bars and ooey gooey bars.

But don’t worry — those won’t supplant the beloved cupcakes. “There will always be cupcakes,” she said.

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