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Goshen Dining Days 2015: Honey's Frozen Desserts was a sweet deal on a cold day

It’s April and I walked in to Honey’s Frozen Desserts with my winter coat on. 

I’ve got a sweet tooth and, as a vegan, I usually take what I can get in the way of treats and desserts. When I saw Honey’s rotated non-dairy fruit sorbets into its offerings, I was ecstatic. 

Frozen yogurt bars are trendy. I remember they got really popular when I was in high school and I was a frequent flyer at one just down the way from my house — so much so that my Mom told me I needed to stop at least until after prom so I could fit in the dress she was sewing for me. Needless to say, I’ve got my froyo game down pat.

The self-serve frozen yogurt bar near downtown Goshen is one of just a few places rolling out deals for Goshen Dining Days. Froyo fans can fill up a cup for $5 (toppings and all) or get two specialty drinks like bubble tea or espresso for $5.

Froyo is charged by the ounce, so filling a cup to your heart’s content is a great deal, especially if your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

This was my first time at Honey’s, but it’s set up like any other self-serve frozen yogurt shop: Grab a cup, pick a flavor (or five) and pile on the toppings. 

I appreciate when restaurants clearly mark items for folks with special diet needs. Honey’s had a mango sorbet as its non-dairy option, so I went all-in and pretended it was summer instead of 30 degrees outside in spring. 

Be sure to ask the crew at Honey’s for the Goshen Dining Days special before you go hog wild filling up on frozen yogurt. The special 12-ounce cups were behind the counter when I was there, and I didn’t realize this until after the fact. The girl at the counter was extremely nice about it and I felt absolutely awful about it, so I paid it forward to someone else after I finished my treat. 

The mango sorbet is just sweet and tart enough and doesn’t leave that weird aftertaste that froyo sometimes can. I sprinkled on toasted coconut, pecans and pieces of fresh mango, but there are so many options in cute dispensers that I felt like a big, 22-year-old child. 

The fruit was fresh, the toppings were delicious and there’s something for everyone. There were parents with their children after sports practice, there were high school students just hanging out and the staff was friendly. It was a great midweek treat after a great day. 

A few other flavor options were sea salt caramel pretzel, pineapple upside down cake and Tahitian vanilla, just to name a few. You can also check out Honey’s on Facebook to see what options are available each day.

There were so many toppings stored away clean and tidy, but just to name a few: hot fudge, frosted animal crackers, fruit sauce, mochi, cookie dough, brownie bites, Runts, M&Ms and fresh fruit. 

Honey’s is located at 620 W. Lincoln Ave., in Goshen’s Linway Plaza. Goshen Dining Days ends Saturday, April 25 and a portion of sales benefit the Share the Bounty program at the Goshen Farmer’s Market.

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