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Ice cream lovers brave the elements for The Chief opening

The wind, cold temperature and occasional drizzle did not deter people from making a line for nearly 30 minutes before The Chief opened at 4 p.m. Monday, April 20. 

About 50 people gathered outside the stand waiting for the popular ice cream stand to open. Many wore a few extra layers of clothes. Others wore their winter coats. 

As soon as they got their ice cream, whether on cones or in pint-sized cups, the families ran back to their cars to enjoy their treats. 

“My brother told (my son) that The Chief was opening today, and he got really excited,” said Maria Esqueda, who was shivering slightly. 

Inside the cozy stand, about eight people kept busy writing down orders, scooping ice cream and serving hot dogs. Others started making more ice cream for the next day. 

Jan Vanderveer, one of the co-owners of The Chief, was not surprised to see the line outside the stand. For many, she said, it’s a tradition to be there on opening day no matter what the weather is like. 

“They like the ice cream,” she said. “They’ve waited all winter for it.”

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