New Paradigm will begin selling its own beers in about six weeks


By: J.C. Lee

It’s been more than a year in the making, but New Paradigm Brewing Co. now has a permit to sell its own beer.

The downtown Elkhart bar received its brewing permit in the mail Monday, April 13, and co-owner Brandon Stanley expects the first batch to hit the bar in about six weeks.

Stanley and his partners, Bob Newman, Josh Hibshman and Scott Gruver, sought to get the permit about a month after they opened up New Paradigm Brewing Co. in November 2013, but the government shutdown in 2014 put the brakes on their plans, Stanley said.

The permit, Stanley said, is going to be a “game changer.”

They’ll start out with three beers — the Three Dog Bite and Double Tree, a Belgian tripel and dubbel respectively, and the Big Hopbowski, a grapefruit IPA.

But these Belgian beers will be different because of what they use to replace one of its core ingredients — the Belgian rock candy sugar. The Three Dog Bite is made with Horehound Candy, giving it an herbal flavor profile, while the Double Tree is made using locally sourced maple syrup.

It won’t be the first time New Paradigm has shared its brews with the public. Stanley and his partners have brought samples of their beers out to tasting events around Michiana, from City-Wide Liquors to Chalet Party Shoppe. The brewing permit allows them to start selling the beer.

“While the bar, as it is is great for us, and we love what it’s been able to become, at the end of the day it’s all about being able to make our own beer and market our own beer,” he said. “And we already have a pretty substantial following for our beer because we have been doing it for so long and now we’re going to be able to make it publicly available.”

New Paradigm Brewing Co. is not the only brewery in Elkhart. Iechyd Da Brewing Company, located on the other end of Main Street downtown, has been around since June 2012, and its beers have a substantial fan base. Stanley said the two businesses together will bring more life to the downtown area.

“Having two breweries in a small town is a fantastic thing, and it will only help everybody to bring more business downtown…and we’re proud to be able to showcase our beer,” he said. “It’s going to be fun.”

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