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Taco Bell replaces breakfast waffle taco with biscuit taco

Waffle cones, waffle fries … but no more waffle taco. 

Fans of the waffle taco at Taco Bell won’t have much time left to enjoy the breakfast item — eggs and sausage wrapped in a waffle — as it will be replaced by the biscuit taco sometime this week, the Associated Press reports.

Starting Thursday, March 26, breakfasters can get the biscuit taco filled with eggs, sausage, cheese or deep-fried chicken and a spicy honey sauce, all wrapped up in a fluffy biscuit, according to the AP. 

The menu change comes amid the company beefing up its advertising tactics against fast-food and breakfast giant, McDonald’s.

Taco Bell arrived in the fast-food breakfast scene about a year ago and, according to USA Today, released advertising making fun of McDonald’s breakfast. 

In its first year on the breakfast beat, Goldman Sachs estimates five percent of fast-food breakfast revenue came from Taco Bell, CNBC reports.


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