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Lucky's Donut does serve doughnuts, but also wings and shrimp fried rice

On the corner of Bristol and Michigan streets in Elkhart lies this little shop with a big sign out front that says Lucky’s Donut. I’ve never paid much attention to it.

Even when I first moved out here and lived in the apartments across the road from the place, I never went in there for a cup of coffee or a chocolate doughnut.

But, while looking for some places to eat lunch on the north side of Elkhart, I noticed a sign in smaller print with things like fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, egg rolls and – to my curiosity and excitement – hot wings!

So, I wandered in there one Wednesday for lunch.

The place looks like an old Dunkin’ Donuts. There are indeed donuts sitting on shelves behind the counter, but plastered on the wall above the counter are pictures and a menu for various Asian dishes.

This place is like half doughnut shop, half Asian takeout, and half wing joint. (Don’t worry, I’m an engineer, I can make that math work out.)

I order up the eight wings with a side of fried rice. They have fries and mojos, but when else can you get a side of fried rice with your wings?

I take a seat and they bring me eight of the largest wings, smothered with Frank’s Hot Sauce next to a heaping serving of fried rice in a styrofoam take-out container.

I wasn’t expecting the perfect wings at this place, but they did advertise “hot wings” on the sign outside, so I wasn’t thinking they would have sub-par frozen fake wings, either.

These wings were everything a pub-style restaurant wishes its wings would be. They came out hot and perfectly fried. The skin that wasn’t covered by the sauce was crispy and the chicken inside was juicy.

The sauce was just Frank’s, but that is always good on a perfectly cooked wing. I’d give it a three out of four on the heat scale.

You would also find it hard to beat the price. Eight wings and fried rice was $7. You could get 10 wings a la carte for $6, giving you a CPW of 60 cents. 60 cents is a “special” at most wing places, so to get high quality ones here is a great deal.

The atmosphere at this place is “fast-food like.” It doesn’t provide the comforts of sitting at your neighborhood bar, eating wings with a beer and watching the game on TV, but the place makes a perfect wing joint for a quick lunch or even take-out.

Lucky’s Donut can be a little misleading to passers-by. They have donuts, but there is much more to this little place on the side of the road that is advantageous to all who decide to enter.

I can picture Guy Fieri coming through town for an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and stopping by to watch how they fry eggrolls while chomping down on a French cruller.  I know I will be stopping in for lunch again to see what else this donut shop has to offer.

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