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Enjoy Pi Day with Stone Brewing's Enjoy by 3-14-15

No, I am not a math geek by any means. In fact, I’m the farthest thing from it. The rest of my family is great at math, but my wife wisely keeps me away from the check book to avoid end-of-the-month balance problems.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t celebrate Pi Day, though. In fact, Stone Brewing Company brewed Enjoy By 3-14-15 (9.4 percent ABV) as a part of its ongoing Enjoy By double IPA series.  

The premise of this beer is that hoppy beers are best consumed fresh, before the hops fade away. So as the titles suggests, this one is best enjoyed by 3-14-15.

Each new release in this series has a new date added to the name. There should still be plenty of Stone Enjoy By 3-14-15 around Michiana. The best places to check would be City Wide Liquors in South Bend and Chalet Party Shoppe locations in Elkhart County.

Now, you might wonder if a double IPA actually pairs well with pie.  No one makes a better pie than my great aunt Josephine did when she was alive, or my mom, who makes the best lemon meringue pie.

But I had to settle with a store-bought cherry pie, which is another favorite of mine. If asked which is my favorite pie, I often answer with the same answer as when I’m asked about my favorite beer: the one that’s in front of me.

And my answer is yes. I actually surprised myself a bit when tasting the cherry pie and Stone double IPA. Both were quite fruity, but the pie was more sweet, and the beer cut the sweetness with some bitter hops.

If nothing else, my weak math skills benefit me when cutting pie. Since I am not able to cut equal pieces, I get a bigger piece for myself.

And maybe you are not so good with math either, so just find some round food to enjoy. If all else fails, pour a beer into a glass and look down from the top — round!

Happy Pi Day!

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