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The Frog Tavern is a worthy wings destination perched on Lake Wawasee

This cold, cold winter looks to finally be over here in Indiana. With the warmer temperatures, I can go out and venture to the outskirts of the 574 looking for some new places this spring to watch some baseball, have a beer and eat some wings.

Last weekend I piled my family into the car and headed to the town of Syracuse. There are a plethora of places to eat there, as the town caters to the summer folk who come out to play on Lake Wawasee and its shores. In this edition, we will check out the little tavern on the lake called The Frog Tavern.

My first job in the Elkhart area was in Nappanee, so I knew a lot of people who liked to hang out on weekends in Syracuse, especially at The Frog. One of my co-workers was a DJ there, and I would spend a couple of late weekend nights hanging out at a crowded bar with dancing and a little karaoke.

The Frog remains a huge nightlife spot for people, especially during the summer. Party people can hitch up their boats and hang out on the deck or mingle inside.

Arriving at this place at 5 p.m. just for dinner with a family in tow gives a different perspective of the tavern. The long bar and empty dance floor still headline the space inside, but there is plenty of room to sit at tables for a nice meal.

The windows look over the dockside seating and the SS Lilypad sits out patiently waiting for the ice to thaw so it can provide tours of the lake.

The place is a known for its seafood, but I’ll be sampling the chicken wings on this trip.

The wings here are huge!

They came out golden brown and smothered with Frank’s Hot Sauce. I give the sauce a 2 out of 4 on the heat scale. It was enough to give a good kick, but nothing requiring any kind of pain or anything.

It was a pleasure chomping down on these wings, as there was a plethora of juicy chicken to fill my appetite.

The price on these was only 10 for $8. A CPW of 80 cents is pretty average, but for the size of these wings, it was a great deal. It also looks like they have half-price appetizers on the late night menu, so 40 cents would be a steal. Still, I wouldn’t suggest going out on the dance floor with a basket of these things — they can get very messy.

The rest of the table looked like they had some great food too. The frog legs, tilapia sticks and fried shrimp looked great; even the chicken sticks my sons had were some of the best kids’ meals I had ever finished off.

I have some fond memories of The Frog Tavern from my younger years, so I really enjoyed taking a trip out there to check it out again.

It’s also nice to discover that it is just as nice of a place to sit back, watch a game, drink a beer and eat some wings at peace during the day as it is a place to let loose and blow off some steam at night.

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