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Granger Farmers Market permanently closes, plans for open-air site

The Granger Farmers Market’s two-story historical barn at 1650 S.R. 23 will permanently close its doors Saturday, Feb. 28. The 20 vendors that once occupied the space have dwindled to three since the market opened last June

The market will be open until 2 p.m. Saturday.

“It’s difficult to get the vendors that have the variety we need,” said market co-owner Lydia Karacson. “A lot of vendors came in and after a week or two said, ‘This is too much volume, we can’t handle it.’ Then we had several other vendors that we’re just too small for. So we were looking for that small portion in the center that was able to have enough flexibility that they were just right.”

Unfortunately for Karacson, the market experienced a catch-22 throughout the past season. The number of guests visiting the market just wasn’t enough.

“You gotta have the great vendors to draw the people and you have to be able to draw the people to have great vendors,” Karacson said.

Plans are underway for the market to revert to an open-air setting by June 2015. A specific Granger location has yet to be determined. Updates will be made available via the market’s newsletter.

“We had tons and tons of great people over the years and the support of the community has been there,” Karacson said. “We really appreciate people and hope that they’ll come out and support us as we open back up to an open-air market.”

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