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Celebrate six years of Hop Notes with a chance to win a pint glass

I love collecting brewery glassware, and over the years have put together quite a collection.

As a part of Hop Notes sixth anniversary celebration, I have some Bell’s, Dark Horse and Goose Island pint glasses to give away.

If you would like to win one of these, be one of the first to email me at Include your first choice of the three breweries in the subject heading.

Winners will be able to pick up their pint glasses at DIY Coffee and Ale Supply in Goshen.

If you have recently won something from Hop Notes, please let someone else have an opportunity.

When we run out of glasses, I’ve got some bottle openers, stickers, and pens to give away as well.

Last week I confirmed with Indiana Beverage, that Victory Brewing Company Moving Parts 03 (Belgian style IPA, 7.1 percent ABV) will arrive in area bottle shops this week.

The Moving Parts series is an ongoing, ever-changing IPA that is released every four months. This allows brewers to experiment and challenge themselves on single release batches. The goal is that each new brew in the series will taste exponentially different than the last and demonstrate flavorful evolution.

“Our greatest victory is creating great beer that our fans love. Moving Parts allows us to do just that while sharing our creative experiences and continually growing the knowledge of craft beer and its process with them,” said Victory’s President and Brewmaster, Bill Covaleski. “Our fans reap the benefits of our experimentation and embrace of inspirational challenges. This series celebrates what I learned long ago, and that is if it’s not a challenge, it’s not worth doing.”

Moving Parts 01 (MP01, 7.1 percent ABV) was brewed with blended whole-flower hops from the US, UK and Germany with German malts to create a well balanced IPA featuring citrus and piney notes.  

MP02 (6.4 percent ABV) was brewed using all-English hops and English yeasts to create an intensely herbal hop aroma with a slight hint of cut apples at the first sip, followed by a mildly sweet, slightly bitter and dry finish.

Although it is probably past its prime, I have been informed that a couple of cases of MP02 have arrived at Chalet Party Shoppe locations this week. I’m not sure exactly which stores will have it, so call ahead if you are searching this one out.

The latest addition to the series, MP03, was brewed using Belgian yeast (as opposed to MP02’s English). According to the website, it has a tart, fruity spin on a spicy and citrus-forward IPA, creating a refreshing and deliciously drinkable caramel-hued brew.

With each release, the recipe is tweaked by blending, modifying and adjusting the levels of different whole flower hop varieties, malts or yeasts and differing the fermentation and brewing process.

The press release states, “By definition, a series is a number of things or events related that happen one after the other and involve the same group of character or subjects. Evolution is the gradual development of something from simple to complex. Thus, Victory started on their exciting, challenging and artistic journey to take fans from simple to complex and back again using water, yeast, whole flower hops and grain as their mediums of choice to produce the Moving Parts: The Ever-Evolving IPA Series.”

Unfortunately, I was never able to taste MP01, but I did enjoy a pint of MP02 on tap at the Constant Spring.

MP03 will be available in 22-ounce bottles with a suggested retail price of $4.99 which is a very reasonable price for bombers. Also look for this on tap around Michiana — I know I’ll be searching it out.

For more Michiana craft beer news and commentary from Eric Strader, subscribe to the Hop Notes email newsletter. Stay tuned all week for more giveaways celebrating six years of Hop Notes.

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