Art of beer and pottery


By: Eric Strader





Bell’s Brewery

Paw Paw Brewery

New Paradigm    The cream-colored ceramic mugs, handmade by potter Jennifer Creighton, hold 20 ounces of beer, which is a fifth more than a regular pint at the same price. New Paradigm will limit the initial club to only 200 mugs, though Stanley said if the demand is high enough, they will consider offering more.

Iechyd Da Brewing    We were so fortunate to have local artist Rhonda Skinner create each of our 200 mugs for

our exclusive Mug Club. Every mug was crafted with oodles of talent and even more heart.

What a gift she has and we’re truly grateful to display her work proudly in our pub!

Constant Spring

Dark Horse

Located in the maple forest up the 550, half way to Big Bay, Michigan, Dalman Pottery has been making wares off the grid for the past ten years. There is this weirdo who thinks he can live and do things in a more sustainable way, living and working out of the home, surrounded by the fruits of labor. It’s not that he needed to be alone, or the peace and quiet in order to work, though both of those did help a lot. It was much more how he could get things started and prove to himself this sort of thing could still be done, with a great deal of comfort and peace of mind. The goals are being met, and quality products are flying off the wheel. So if you are wondering where the next batch of mugs are, well… they are getting handles, or being decorated, or being loaded into the kiln. Be reassured that they are on the way as fast as Dalman can with all the other crazy stuff that goes on at the pottery. Thanks for all the support and the drive to continue doing the work that hopefully make baking, eating, or even drinking beer a little more enjoyable.

Peace, Ryan

Blackrocks Brewery   Not all breweries offer membership in a mug club, but many do and Blackrocks has one of the more attractive ones. A one-time payment of $40 gets you a tall ceramic mug hand-fired by local artist Ryan Dalman. There’s also a larger pour for the same price. “We started off with 50 (mugs) and I was a little nervous about that, starting a business cash outlay,” Manson said. “It was a little tough, and he (Dalman) said, ‘don’t worry; just pay me after you sell them’. Well, before we even opened the doors, we had to tell him to make another hundred!”

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