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The Creperie and Purple Porch cure that afternoon sweet tooth

Perhaps it is my British-influenced upbringing that makes me crave tea and sweet treats in the afternoon; or maybe it’s just the post-lunch energy slump that nutritionists keep talking about!

Either way, if I am out running errands between lunch and dinner, I start looking for places to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Just last Friday, we had some business to attend to at the County-City Building downtown, and as we were coming into the “indulgence hour,” I started casting my mind to what I could eat.

The Crêperie on Niles Ave. is a little stall that serves up crêpes, hot beverages and smoothies just inside entrance to The Emporium.

They boast vegan crêpe batter, and their sweet crêpes with fruit and house-made Nutella crêpes are completely free of animal products. This wasn’t the first time I popped into The Crêperie for that Nutella banana treat!

This time we also ordered the organic fruit crêpe (with blueberries, bananas AND apples, because I didn’t want to choose one). The Nutella banana is still hands-down the better sweet crêpe; the texture of apple pieces detracted from the smoothness we expect from a crêpe.

The savory crêpe is made with vegetables, but also egg and cheese. It would be possible to eat it only with the veggies, as we have done previously. It would also be nice idea to offer it with one of the many varieties of vegan cheeses that are available.

If vegan crêpe batter is so delicious, I wondered why would you need non-vegan crêpe batter at all.

On Monday I had to get my Prius serviced, and I knew I’d be waiting for about an hour, so I swung by the Purple Porch Co-op to pick up a treat. They typically have at least one vegan dessert, usually a scone. Luckily, yes, there were two pieces of chocolate cherry scone left.

Then, looking further, I also noticed that the warm apple crisp was vegan! This dessert is kept in warming pan, and one has to scoop out the desired amount to be weighed. I met the new cashier, Rich, who was just as pleasant as the other folks who work at the PPC.

Back at the Toyota service shop, I started digging into my hot dessert. Seeing that I was preoccupied, Pat at the shop said that she would take care of the car’s paperwork so I could eat my “‘lunch” in peace. (I did not correct her.)

Apple crisp is something we make at home occasionally, and the Purple Porch version has the same homemade delightfulness.

Moving on to the cherry scone, it was a substantial pastry that was as delicious as any scone made with non-vegan ingredients.

My last two restaurant visits have been bereft of desserts, so it has been gratifying to find vegan dessert spots in the Bend. Vegan desserts are easy to make, delicious, and everyone – vegan or non-vegan – can partake.

I am always on the lookout for sweet spots around town for the afternoon indulgence hour. Wonder what I will find next? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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