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Drewrys Brewing Company holds video contest for fans to make its next beer commercial

You can’t be the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” There can only be one, and he’s Don Equis’ boy.

But you can still be the star of Drewrys Brewing Company’s upcoming commercial.

The South Bend brewery started a contest Monday, Feb. 9, in which beer fans have a chance of crafting Drewys’ upcoming video commercial.

They’re looking for something fun but within reason, according to a news release. And you can either use that fancy camera you’ve spent thousands of dollars on or just take a video with your smartphone.

“It’s become a popular trend in recent years, even among large corporations, to appeal to the public,” said Daniel Blachaski, Drewrys’ vice president of marketing. “They’re not necessarily handling the marketing campaign, but it’s a way to get some ideas and to just engage people and have some fun with it.”

The last day to submit video entries to the contest is May 9. Drewrys marketing professionals and online voters will decide on who the winners will be and will announce the winner within the week during a viewing party at McCormick’s Coney Island Bar in South Bend.

Drewrys announced plans last October to open a brewing facility — its first storefront — at 425 S. Michigan St. in South Bend. It’ll have a tasting room, cafe and even a beer museum, housing Drewrys memorabilia and history.

It marks a return for the brewing company, which reached its apex in the 1960s with hundreds of employees at its old brewery on Elwood Street. But then the facility closed in 1972 when it was acquired by G. Heileman.

“People have resonated with the Drewrys’ marketing campaign from the old days,” Blachaski said. “For example, whenever I got to beer fests, people remember the Drewrys’ jingle from the 1960s.”

To find out more about how you can participate or vote in the Drewrys’ commercial contest, visit the Drewrys Facebook page.

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