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The wings at Hopper's are generous, deep fried and best on Mondays.

Hopper’s Pike Street Grille is a little restaurant located on the north side of Goshen. I’ve been in many times for lunch, but it can get crowded at dinner.

In fact, my family and I have arrived to find a long wait and sought out alternative dinner options more often than we have actually stayed to eat there. That is good, though. The delicious food and reasonable prices have kept us coming back, hoping they can squeeze us in every once in a while.

Hoppers is a little place. It’s in the area where Pike Street, which runs west, turns diagonal into U.S. 33 through an old north-south street grid and creates a bunch of hectic intersections which may require you to turn 270 degrees just to make a left turn. But if you can manage to get there, Hoppers has some pretty good fried wings.

The name and décor resemble the giant resort chain restaurants, Señor Frog’s. The ambiance seems to convey a place where you would be on vacation near the ocean, relaxing with a drink or two.

On Mondays, Hoppers has a 49 cent wing special, so I went in to see how theirs stack up against the rest.

You can only order the wings in amounts of 10 or 15. The bartender assured me the wings were large enough that 10 would be a good meal, so I ordered them with the hot sauce. About fifteen minutes later, a basket of giant, hot, golden, crispy wings was placed in front of me at the bar. After waiting a couple more minutes for them to cool off, I was able to dip them in some sauce and chomp down.

A few months back I did a review of the wings at The Oasis in which I referred to them as fried chicken flavored chicken wings. These fall under the same category.

They were fried with a thick breading, but the breading didn’t have much flavor to it — it must be dipped into a sauce to help out the taste. The chicken inside was hot and juicy. There also was plenty of it, as these wings were some of the largest I had ordered.

The hot sauce was a basic Frank’s based sauce and it did not come on the wings. They serve it separately for dipping yourself. The heat on the sauce was not very spicy. It was about a 2 out of 4 on the heat scale.

I also did not see any wings on the menu. I had seen that wings were on special on Mondays, so I stopped in to get some. But, when I looked at the menu to get a CPW, I couldn’t find them.

It is possible that the place only serves wings on Monday. That makes it a little inconvenient to go for the wings if you do not know when they are on special, you have a 1 out of 7 chance of being able to order them. If you do go at a time to order them, you can be sure that you will get a deal — 50 cents per wing is a great price.

So, if you happen navigate the roads around Pike Street and hop into Hopper’s on a Monday, the wings are a great thing to order up for dinner — just remember to ask for plenty of sauce to eat them with.

Editor’s note: We confirmed with Hopper’s that the wings special is only on Monday nights, but they are also available as appetizers Monday through Saturday. There is also an all-you-can-eat chicken special on Tuesdays. Hopper’s is located at 1208 W. Pike St., Goshen, 574-533-9800.

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