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Artisan opening delayed until January

Customers hoping for a taste of Artisan won’t get it before Christmas.

Owner Kurt Janowsky said this week that he’s delayed the opening of his newest fine dining restaurant until Jan. 6.

The interior is nearly finished. A few inspections and permits are still needed, but the Artisan is very close to being ready for the public at 505 S. Main St., Elkhart.

The problem is that Janowsky operates other restaurants and, particularly in December, catering operations.

The holiday catering season is in full swing and Janowsky wants to wait until that’s over to open the new venture.

Janowsky initially hoped for summer, then fall, then early winter openings, but it looks as if this date will be pretty solid.

For more details on Janowsky’s plans for Artisan, see Dining A La King’s restaurant preview from late October.

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