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Constant Spring's 2015 mug club accepting renewals, new members

As both a potter and beer drinker, I appreciate that my local watering hole uses local, handmade pottery for its mug club.

I was lucky enough to make the inaugural edition of the Constant Spring mug club mugs. Since then, local potters Justin Rothshank and Bob Smoker have been chosen, and this year’s mugs will be made by Fred Driver.

Besides being a regular and getting to drink out of your own mug, each mug club member receives a monthly token good for $5 off beer. Don’t forget to use it, because the tokens do expire at the end of each month. Membership is currently open to new members

If you haven’t been into the Spring lately, you don’t want to miss the present tap list. I had an extremely difficult time making a decision when I was in yesterday. Here it is:

Coming Soon:

The new social media team at the Spring has been doing a great job of posting the current tap list each week. Generally it is updated around 11 a.m. each week on Wednesday, with updates posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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