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One Ten Craft Meatery to offer signature Midwestern meat and potato dishes

No one’s coming to the Midwest for its seafood. It’s all about the meat and potatoes, and One Ten Craft Meatery’s goal is to give people what they expect and more.

One Ten Craft Meatery is expected to open its doors in Warsaw Jan. 5, according to creative and business partner Jennifer Keefer. While the menu is still in the works, Keefer said customers can expect a lot of meat dishes — pork chops, steaks, even charcuterie — and vegetarian options. Customers will also be able to purchase meats from a market in the restaurant itself.

And it’ll all come from Warsaw and the region’s backyard.

“What makes this different, at the core, is that we are very big on sourcing locally,” Keefer said.

There are plenty of food chains in Warsaw but not a lot of restaurants, Keefer said. So she and her business partner Jason Brown saw an opportunity.

Lunches are expected to run customers up to $10 to $15 a plate with drinks, and dinners $25 to $30.

In a city that’s been called the “World’s Orthopedic Capital,” Keefer said customers can expect to rub shoulders with both business clients and factory workers.

“We want to serve great, local products in a casual, laid back atmosphere,” Keefer said.

She has come to label the atmosphere at One Ten as “rustic-chic.” The restaurant is still under construction, but they’re taking out the drywall and chipping away to get back to the original brick walls in the building, They’re even using wood from a 100-year-old barn to decorate the interior.

For Keefer, it all comes back to being as local as possible.

“We expect our customers to seek out local restaurants,” Keefer said. “In turn, we should be spending money locally.”

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