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Double-decker bus to get second life as bar, taco stand at Evil Czech Brewery

It’s not quite a party bus and it’s not quite a food truck, but a double-decker bus will soon be converted into a bar and taco stand at Evil Czech Brewery.

The bus will be part of the Mishawaka brewery’s new beer garden which will open sometime this spring or summer, said general manager Dan Walker. The plan is to gut the bus, take out the engine and strip off the roof over the course of the winter.

“This double-decker bus has entered an afterlife as a dining food truck,” Walker said.

There will be beer taps on one end of the bottom floor, where a bartender will serve customers cold drinks. They can then make their way to the other end of the bus to order tacos out of a serving window.

With tortilla and beverage in hand, customers can make their way up the bus’ winding stairs to the second floor and sit out in the open at one of seven or eight bistro tables.

There aren’t many outdoor places to drink a cold beer along the two roads that sandwich the brewery, Grape Road and North Main Street, Walker says. The brewery’s leadership saw a need which they could fill.

“We’re a brewery, so who doesn’t like a cold brew in the middle of a hot summer day?” Walker said.

Walker said the beer garden will be “self-sufficient.” With the exception of bathroom breaks, you could spend all your time at the brewery on or around the bus, without having to go indoors at all. But he stresses that the brewery has an ear out for what customers want from their outdoor experience.

“If we set this up and the public wants this or wants that, we’ll do our best to make it happen,” Walker said.

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